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Letter Writing Sample Structure

This is just here to give people ideas, in case anyone wants to know how some folks have structured their letters.

Dear ________,

Tell them why you are writing them and why you like Dean.

Tell them a little about Dean’s record. (See Writing Resources)
For example:
a. As Governor of Vermont, Howard Dean has provided health care to every child, created good-paying jobs and cut child abuse in half.
b. He balanced the budget and cut taxes.
c. He has consistently opposed the war in Iraq.

Tell them a little about why you particularly like Dean.
For example:
a. I believe Howard Dean is the only candidate who can beat George Bush.
b. Howard Dean is bringing Americans together in common purpose to strengthen our American community again., or
c. As an American, I am truly concerned about where our nation is headed under the current administration.

Tell them how you think Dean will help people in South Carolina.
For example:
a. Taxes and South Carolina ((See Writing Resources)

Tell them about any material you are enclosing, if you are. (See Writing Resources) for downloadable versions that you can print.)

Ask for their support and tell them about the SC Primary.
For Example:
I hope you will consider supporting Governor Dean and voting for him in the Feb 3rd Primary.

Tell them how to get more information by:
a. Contacting Dean For America or the South Carolina DFA Offices
b. Contacting you, if you are comfortable with that
c. Contacting

Your Closing,

Your Name


This project is entirely volunteer-funded and run.
SC Volunteers for Dean is not affiliated with or endorsed by Howard Dean or the Dean for America campaign.