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Create Your Own Weekend Outreach Campaign

Choose from a variety of outreach campaigns to create your own schedule of weekend activities tailored to your community, group, or your own interests.

Perfect for Out Of Towners or Folks who live far from a DFA office
If you are near a DFA Office they could really use your help in their events and activities. Call them for more details.

What to do:

Choose from the following list of campaigns to create your own custom made weekend in any South Carolina town or area you'd like to go to or in your own South Carolina community. Download all the materials you need right here.

List of Campaigns

Barbershop and Beauty Parlor Outreach
Krispy Kreme
Letter Writing
Movie Theater Outreach
Senior Outreach

How to do it:

1.Create a fun weekend schedule designed for your own interests and needs. Some examples are:

Friday Night : Movie Theater Outreach

Saturday Morning: Do-It-Yourself Canvassing

Saturday Afternoon: Barbershop and Beauty Parlor Outreach

Saturday Night: Movie Theater Outreach

Sunday Morning: Letter writing to Voters

Sunday Afternoon: Do-It-Yourself Canvassing

2. Before leaving home print out copies of any of the materials you will need.

3. If you need housing during your stay, contact us by filling out the Out of Town Form. Or if you prefer, here is a list of Motels and Hotels in South Carolina. Once you have clicked on this link, just type in your city and South Carolina for the state and click search and it will return a list of Hotels and Motels in that area.

4. Contact us If you have any questions or need other materials.

5. Have Fun!

6. Email us with how things went and suggestions for improving the campaign. We'd like to post your success stories.


This project is entirely volunteer-funded and run.
SC Volunteers for Dean is not affiliated with or endorsed by Howard Dean or the Dean for America campaign.