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Senior Outreach Campaign

Dean outreach to local Senior Centers, Retirement and Assisted Living Communities

What to do:

Senior Centers and Retirement Communities are great ways to reach out to seniors and talk with them about Howard Dean. Senior Centers often hold regular classes or meetings in their community rooms which offer a great venue for holding a meeting to discuss the state of the country, local issues, and Howard Dean. By scheduling a "Get to Know Dean" event during one of these meeting times and having large print materials available to hand out, seniors can learn about Dean in their own community.

How to do it:

1. Use this link to find a local retirement center. Or find a Senior Center, Assisted Living Center, or Nursing Home in your area by using this link. You can also go to Yahoo and click on "Yellow Pages", click "change location" on right hand side, type in your town and state and then type in "Retirement Communities " and "Long-Term Care and Hospice" in the search field.

2. Call the activities director at one of the locations that you have found and ask to hold a meeting about Dean and current political issues in the common room. Set up a meeting date and time.

3. Print out some of our Dean 4Up Local Flyers so people can contact us if they are interested. Go to Seniors For Dean to download large print flyers. For other regular sized supplemental materials see our writing resources page.

4. Make 50 copies of the flyers you want to bring.

5. Wear your Dean button.

6. Give a 20-30 minute talk on Dean. Ask for and answer people's questions.

7. Hand out literature including the local flyers. If they would like to volunteer have them go to If they don't have internet access please write down their contact information and enter it on our website along with any special interests they may have.

8. Ask if anyone there would like to host their own meeting with their friends to talk more about Dean and if they'd like you to come and speak. If so please exchange contact information with them and follow up, or contact us and we will contact them.

9. Email us with how things went and suggestions for improving the campaign. We'd like to post your success stories.


This project is entirely volunteer-funded and run.
SC Volunteers for Dean is not affiliated with or endorsed by Howard Dean or the Dean for America campaign.