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Military Talking Points

Help get the word out about Howard Dean by creating or using Talking Points to write Letters to the Editor.

Talking Points consist of basic bulleted information about an issue and Dean’s record on that issue that anyone can use to write their own letter. Below are links to specific Dean Military Talking Points. Because newspapers do not usually accept letters from folks who do not live in their area, Talking Points can help people have the facts and arguments needed to write the letters themselves.

Email us if you want to add any Talking Points to the lists below. Or use these Talking Points to write your own Letter to the Editor and Email us your letter so we can post it

Talking Points about the Military of Concern to South Carolinians

We need your South Carolina Military Talking Points!
To post them here please Email us.

Talking Points about Dean’s Record on Military Issues
The following is a list of links to Dean's record on Military Issues by category. If you have any others to add please Email us.

Supporting Veteran

Talking Points on Dean’s Positions on the Military
The following is a list of links to Dean's positions on the Military by category. If you have any others to add please Email us.

The Defense Budget

Empowering Veterans

Bush Cutting Soldier’s Pay

Bush Failing to Honor POWs

Preventative War

Iraq War

Foreign Policy


This project is entirely volunteer-funded and run.
SC Volunteers for Dean is not affiliated with or endorsed by Howard Dean or the Dean for America campaign.