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Krispy Kreme Canvassing Campaign

An African American Outreach Campaign Developed by Lauren Foster


Minority Outreach WORKS!

Krispy Kreme’s that are located in African American communities are a great place to canvass for Dean.



How We Did It:


We set up a canvassing event at a Krispy Kreme and told people that Dean was the man to defeat George Bush. We offered specific literature, and handed it out to people if they were interested (see downloadable literature, below).  In many cases, defeating Bush was what was most important to a majority of people, and they signed our petition, to get Dean on the ballot in SC, just based on the statement the Dean is running against Bush.  Black neighborhoods are nearly 100% democrat, and people are VERY interested in defeating the president in next year's election. I hope more volunteers will try this approach. It goes without saying that Dean's current constituency is not as diverse as it needs to be. If we can't reach out to and hook into our African-American communities, we are missing a significant part of our voter base.


Let's not take this for granted.  Let's reach out to these communities and introduce Howard Dean!



How You Can Do It:


1.)     Contact the manager of a Krispy Kreme store in an African American community and get permission to set up a “canvassing event” there.  To find the Krispy Kreme locations near the community you would like to canvass in go to: and enter the city and state or zip code of your desired location.


2.)     Put up flyers at local barbershops, beauty salons, grocery stores, mail flyers to churches.


3.)     On the day of the “event”, put together all of the materials to be handed out, and petition sheets with pens.  The materials are available to download here:

a.            4-up flyers about Howard Dean

b.            Petition (to be printed on 8 1/2 x 14 legal size paper. Each petition sheet must have signers from
             only one county)

c.            Jesse Jackson, Jr.  Endorsement

d.            Civil Rights Flyer

e.            DFA Flyer – Modified, includes Affirmative Action info

f.              Why Dean will beat Bush

g.            Volunteer Sign Up Sheet

h.            4-up Volunteer Flyers

i.              Al Gore Endorsement


4.)     At your event loacation, feel free to have donuts or other treats to offer folks.  Anything you spend will count towards your $2,000 FEC limit per primary election.  As people come into the door, go up to them, wearing Dean shirts and/or buttons to identify your cause, and offer some information about Howard Dean. DO NOT BE AGGRESSIVE ABOUT THIS. Just be polite. You do not want to tell people who to vote for. That kind of aggressive, hard sell approach would be considered offensive, and will LOSE votes. If they express interest, put together an information packet. Find out if they have questions, be prepared to state who Dean is within 1-2 sentences at the MOST. Emphasize that you think he is the MOST LIKELY CANDIDATE TO BEAT BUSH IN NOVEMBER.


5.)     At the point where they have taken the packet, ask if they would be willing to sign the petition to put Dean on the ballot. Be respectful if they say no and move away or give them the space to leave. Say “thank you for your time and interest”. Go on to the next person.


6.)     If a person expresses support for Dean ask them if they would like to volunteer and offer them a Volunteer flyer and to sign up on the volunteer sheet.


7.)     At the end of the meeting, pack up and mail in petition sheets. Go to and enter the people who signed up on the volunteer sheet.  Thank the management. Ask if they have any questions or would like literature on Dean. Invite them to sign the petition. If the event is a success, schedule another one.


8.)     Please email us with how things went and suggestions for improving the campaign. We'd like to post your success stories.


This project is entirely volunteer-funded and run.
SC Volunteers for Dean is not affiliated with or endorsed by Howard Dean or the Dean for America campaign.