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SC Volunteers for Dean-Job List

SC Volunteers for Dean
South Carolina Wants YOU!

Work from Any town or State.
Sign up for any job you'd like

Use this Questionnaire to
Find the jobs you would enjoy!
Sign up for jobs and workgroups.
Join us and help Dean get elected.
Get Active! Only -5703 days left until the South Carolina primary   Absentee Vote Now!        

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Job List

All the jobs are part of Workgroups that meet regularly over the phone and/or Internet. Each group has a facilitator who helps coordinate the jobs and resources and can answer any questions volunteers may have about their work. Each facilitator meets regularly with other workgroup facilitators to help coordinate statewide campaigns and share results.

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Check all the jobs that you might like to do. This is not a commitment. The workgroup facilitators will contact you to discuss the work..

If there's other stuff you want to do or you can think of other worthwhile jobs or workgroups, please write them in below. We are always looking for new ways to help Dean win.

Coalition Organizing Workgroup
Workgroup Coordinator Go to Facilitators' Group meeting and Steering Committee meeting and coordinate workgroup needs, strategies, etc.
  Web Developer Create and update Coalition's website
  Helpdesk Coordinator Support and resource for the coalition
  Meetup Coordinator Work with meetup organizers to offer resources including volunteer sign-up sheets, workgroup descriptions, position papers, upcoming events, etc.
Field Activities Workgroup
  Canvassing Go door to door talking to people about Dean and giving them literature
  Letter Writing to voters Write letters to undecided voters about why you are supporting Dean
  Visibility Hold signs in public at events, well-trafficked intersections, rallies, etc.
  Tabling/Leafleting Give out Dean literature and sign up supporters at a well-trafficked place
  GOTV Identify and get people to the polls on Election Day to vote that are Dean supporters
  Events Create and implement events including concerts, rallies, and fundraisers
Fundraising Workgroup
  Direct Phoning Phone potential donors and ask for money
  Organizing and Recruiting Dean Teams Contact Dean supporters and ask if they want to be a "Dean Team" fundraising group leader
  Events Work with the events group to create fundraising events
Media and PR Workgroup
  Letters to the Editors Write letters to the editors of newspapers
  PR Get newspapers, radio, and local TV stations to do stories about Dean
  News Response Find local media stories about Dean, tell the group so they can respond
  Message and Materials Create message, position papers, comparisons, brochures, etc.
  Endorsements Get politicians, musicians, sports personalities, and other celebrities to endorse Dean
  Speaker Find and speak at public gatherings and events
Outreach to Groups Workgroup
  Seniors Recruit local Senior groups and leaders to support Dean
  African Americans Recruit local African American groups and leaders to support Dean
  Latinos Recruit local Latino groups and leaders to support Dean
  Students Recruit local Student groups and leaders to support Dean
  Textile Workers Recruit local Textile Worker groups and leaders to support Dean
  Health Care Workers Recruit local Health Care Worker groups and leaders to support Dean
  Unemployed Recruit local Unemployed groups and leaders to support Dean
  The Group of Your Choice Recruit The Group of Your Choice and its leaders to support Dean
Volunteer Recruiting and Coordinating Workgroup
  Sourcing Get lists of potential Dean volunteers
  Recruiting Contact potential volunteers and get them involved
  Workgroups' Job Needs Contact the other Workgroups and keep a list of jobs that need to be done
  Volunteer Training Train and answer questions for volunteers
Artists Workgroup
  Graphic Designers/Artists Create designs and art for brochures, website, signs, etc.
  Camera and Video Operator Take pictures and video of local Dean events. Send them to headquarters and for posting on local Dean websites, and for the Media group to use
  Audio Recorder Create and provide audio of Dean speaking and Dean songs to play at rallies, tabling, sign holding, meetups, and other Dean events.
  Musician Recruiter Recruit local musicians to support Dean and create local events at gigs
Resources Workgroup
  Transportation Find volunteers that have trucks, cars, and drivers for events
  Signs and Office Materials Find volunteers that can provide art supplies, paper, copying, etc.
  Laptops and other computer supplies Find volunteers that have laptops and other computer supplies
  Audio, Video, and Digital Camera equipment Find volunteers that can provide Audio, Video, and Digital Camera equipment
  Resource Coordinator and FEC Compliance Coordinate all resources donated and make sure everyone is FEC compliant
Other jobs you are interested in doing

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This project is entirely volunteer-funded and run.
SC Volunteers for Dean is not affiliated with or endorsed by Howard Dean or the Dean for America campaign.