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Do-It-Yourself Canvassing Campaign

Go Door to Door in your neighborhood, reach out to others, and tell them about Howard Dean

What to do:

Find an area of town that you would like to canvass and go door to door talking about Howard Dean and finding out how the people you meet feel about him. It's fun to go with someone else and either take alternate houses or opposite sides of the street. Use the script and voter form to note their opinions. Offer them literature and a way to volunteer or get a yard sign.

Alternatively, if you are near a DFA Office they could really use your help in their canvassing events and activities. Call them for more details.

How to do it:

1.Make enough copies of the following materials for each house. Copying these in black and white is fine.

The Voter Form One per Voter
The Dean Flyer-4Up So you will only need to print 1/4 of total number of voters you expect to talk to.

2. Print out one copy of the following materials

Canvassing Script
Canvassing FAQ

3. Print out a few copies of the following materials to give out if people want them.

The Overview DFA Flyer
The effect of the Bush Taxes on South Carolinians
6 Reasons Dean will Win
Why Christians like Dean

4. Contact us to see if we can get walking lists of likely democratic voters in your area. If not pick your own neighborhood or other area to canvass. Bringing a friend is usually more fun.

5. Review the Canvassing Script well enough so you feel comfortable asking those questions, while not following the script exactly.

6. Review the Canvassing FAQ for questions that folks might ask and some suggested answers.

7. Bring your copies of the materials to hand out.

8. Go Canvassing filling out one voter form for each person that you talk with.

9. Email us with contact info for each person who wants yard signs or is interested in volunteering. Make copies of the forms, keep one for yourself to follow up with in case you or others want to help during Get Out The Vote and mail the original forms to Mike Carey, Charleston DFA, 215 East Bay Street, Suite 401, Charleston, SC, 29401.

10. Email us with how things went and suggestions for improving the campaign. We'd like to post your success stories.


This project is entirely volunteer-funded and run.
SC Volunteers for Dean is not affiliated with or endorsed by Howard Dean or the Dean for America campaign.